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Two young people, a couple in life, make their dream a reality

Creates The Foukou Project! Having love and desire for traditional baking, they start with a great mood to convey the art of grilling while enjoying the benefits of charcoal cooking. The purpose of The Foukou Project! is to reveal small secrets, which launch the grilling both tastefully and qualitatively. Everything counts, from the way of preparation, to the art of grilling, even small details before serving that give a superior flavor.

The main object of sale is the Cypriot barbecues known as "foukoudes" in the local dialect. A kind of barbecue, for which the Cyprus island is proud because it is now exporting it all over the world. In addition, you will find a range of BBQ tools, food utensils and other materials such as charcoal or briquettes.

The beginning is done with our headquarters in Melissia, Attica where a trip throughout Greece begins.

Happy Grilling and Bon Appétit to everyone!!!